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Introductory Course


Leveraging the Power of the Mind to Achieve Healthier Movement
This course is approved for 0.8 CEUs (8 contact hours) for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

About This Program

Dr. Skulpan Asavasopon raises awareness about the important roles of the mind and the Edutreatment model in the chronification and de-chronification of pain. Dr. Christopher Powers raises awareness regarding the important role of a movement-centered approach in the chronification and de-chronification of pain.

At this exclusive Mini Mastermind Pain Intelligence Course, you will learn pragmatic and effective methods for addressing complex and difficult patients through the application of the Pain Edutreatment model. Through this integrated mental and physical approach, you will learn new ways to connect with your patients, how to redirect patients toward their goals by demystifying chronic pain, and how to reinforce healthier mind and movement behaviors to reverse the pain chronification process.



Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • describe the 6 scientifically-based mental processes to help reverse the chronification of pain for the patient and help reduce burnout for the provider
  • describe how a movement-centric approach can prevent and reverse the chronification of pain
  • follow a structured and organized approach based on the integration of mindfulness and a movement science
  • understand how to construct and conceptualize complex and difficult patient cases based on central and peripheral mechanisms of pain
  • provide a graded exercise program aimed at addressing cognitive, affective, and physical mechanisms of chronic pain

Ideal For

All providers seeking to improve their management of patients with chronic pain. Continuing education units are approved on behalf of the California Physical Therapy Association.







Anyone who wants to help us achieve a more MINDful HumanKind


7:30 am
Coffee and Catch-up
(Doors open/Check-in time)
8:00 am
Mind Meets Movement
Leveraging the power of the mind and movement for successful outcomes – Introduction of the Mind 2 Movement foundation and the new Edutreatment model of patient care
8:45 am
Movement Gets to Know Mind
How to access the six scientifically-based mental processes to reverse the chronification of pain for the patient and reduce burnout for the provider
10:45 am   Break
11:00 am
Mind Gets to Know Movement
How a movement-centric approach can prevent and reverse the chronification of pain
12:00 pm   Lunch Break
1:00 pm
Edutreatment and the Subjective Examination Roadmap
How to stay on path without getting distracted by the complex and difficult patient (work smarter, not harder)
2:00 pm
Edutreatment and the Objective Examination Roadmap
How to evaluate and treat complex and difficult patients
03:00 pm   Break
3:15 pm
Edutreatment vs. Patient Education
Using Edutreatment to achieve long-lasting, healthier movement patterns
4:00 pm
Edutreatment and the Graded Exercises Roadmap
Reinforcing healthy behavior change through mind and movement skill building
4:45 pm Q & A/Discussion  

Don’t Lose YOUR Mind