Super Advanced Certification Course

Advanced Pain Intelligence
Master Mind Certification

Moving Beyond Pain and Patients into a More Mindful Humankind

About This Program

This Advanced Mastermind Master Class explores the mindful discovery of the Master Mind within YOU. This 2-Day intensive course maintains a ratio of four students to one instructor, which ensures individualized attention as you learn about mindfulness and your mind so you can evolve into the best version of yourself.

Through this program, you will find enhanced mind strengths as described in the Pain Edutreatment model that will provide you and your clients more clarity with meaning and motivation in life. This class is about your mind and your purpose, with the ultimate goal of transitioning the culture of healthcare towards a more Mindful HumanKind and making the world a better place. This program includes one-to-one mentorship over the course of 10 weeks to help facilitate more effective behaviors and apply concepts and skills within the Pain Edutreatment framework. This requires a weekly 1-hour commitment to meet via Zoom, Skype, or telephone.

This certification course is available to those who have completed the Retrain the Brain and Pain Intelligence Master Class Programs and have practiced a minimum of 2000 clinical hours. This exclusive event is geared towards quality, not quantity. For this reason, enrollment is limited to 4 participants per class and only occurs once per year. Classes are held at a tranquil retreat in the hills of Palos Verdes Peninsula, overlooking the Pacific Ocean; a place to connect, redirect, and reinforce relationships mindfully and effectively.


By invitation only. If you are interested in this program, email us at mindfulme@m2mfoundation.org

Ideal For

Those who have completed the Retrain the Brain and Pain Intelligence Master Class Programs. Although this program is by invitation only, please contact us if you are really, really, really, interested: mindfulme@m2mfoundation.org